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[McIDAS #BQX-397148]: Download access to Unidata McIDAS-X

Hi Kevin,

> Thanks for the response about McIDAS-X. I understand your regulations....but
> don't understand why you need to have them.  Why cant anyone have access to
> the software?

The restrictions were imposed by the owners of the software, the Space Science
and Engineering Center (SSEC) of the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  I
would much rather that we could distribute McIDAS to anyone, but this is not
possible given the restrictions imposed on us.

> In any event it doesnt appear I will meet your requirements
> at this point....perhaps in the future.  Is there any other way to get the
> McIDAS software?

The only other way to get McIDAS-X is to join the McIDAS User's Group (MUG)
at SSEC.  Be aware, however, that there is a non-trivial yearly fee for
belonging to the MUG.  If you want to pursue getting access to McIDAS-X
through the MUG/SSEC, please send your request to address@hidden
You can learn more about getting McIDAS through SSEC at:


Also, you should be aware that the next generation McIDAS, McIDAS-V will
have its initial release in the September timeframe.  McIDAS-V is built
on top of the Unidata IDV framework, and, like the IDV, will be freely
available to all.  Full support of McIDAS-V by SSEC will, however, require
membership in the MUG.


- have you tried using the IDV for things that you would normally use
  McIDAS for?

If you haven't, or if you haven't in some time, I strongly recommend
that you give it a try.  The types of things you can do in the IDV/McIDAS-V
are simply not possible in any other software package that we or most
others offer (e.g., GEMPAK, McIDAS from Unidata; GrADS, etc.).

> Onto the other questions.....was wondering if you had come up with any
> answers to the gempak related questions.  I hope to hear from you before the
> weekend starts...and as always thanks for your help and assistance.

Your GEMPAK questions are in the hopper with other users' GEMPAK questions.
Our GEMPAK person, Michael James, is working through all of the inquiries
in the order that they were received.


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