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[McIDAS #QHK-962400]: FRNTDISP: error from m0wtxget -41001

Hi Marty,

> We have put the ssh holes in our firewall -- as well as notifyme ports.  This
> time I have left instructions to not remove them:)

Very good.

> The machine we are currently having problems with is on our Secondary Install
> with both FRNTDISP and I also noticed that WWDISP is not working.

OK.  I verified that FRNTDISP on your primary machine (cldbz1.usurf.usu.edu)
works without error.  For "the files", the ADDE setup in the 'mcidas' account
accesses the RTWXTEXT dataset as LOCAL-DATA.

> The machines you should be able to access are:

> cldbz1.usurf.usu.edu   -- Primary Install 

RTWXTEXT-realted things (e.g., FRNTDISP, WWDISP, etc.) seem to work without
error on this machine.

> climate-db2.usurf.usu.edu -- Secondary Install

When I logged onto climate-db2, I noticed that most McIDAS-XCD processes
were not running even though the LDM was running.

The first thing I did was to find out which copy/where 'xcd_run' would be
used for 'exec' actions in ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf.  The PATH for the user
'ldm' was set so that 'xcd_run' was found in the ~ldm/decoders directory
(as is recommended).  I took a quick look at ~ldm/decoders/xcd_run and
saw that MCHOME was defined to be /home/mcidas.  Since 'mcidas' on
climate-db2 is setup to have its HOME directory in /usr/local/mcidas,
I figured that this might be the "smoking gun".   I edited this
copy of 'xcd_run' to correct MCHOME.

After looking through ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf and ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf, I
started the LDM.  I now see McIDAS MD files being decoded, and the
backing store for data in the RTWXTEXT dataset (~ldm/data/mcidas/*.XCD)
being updated.  I will give the system some time to process data before
returning to the FRNTDISP issue.

In looking through the contents of the ~ldm/data/mcidas directory (the
place where McIDAS-XCD decoders write their output), I noticed that
a number of the files there dated to October 14 (some 6 days ago).  This
led me to be suspicious of the McIDAS scouring setup in the 'ldm'
account.  I dumped the crontab entries and saw that the copy of 'mcscour.sh'
to be run is in the ~ldm/util directory.  A quick look through this
file showed that it had the same problem as ~ldm/decoders/xcd_run: MCHOME
was set to /home/mcidas when it should have been set to /usr/local/mcidas.
I edited ~ldm/util/mcscour.sh to correct the MCHOME setting, and then
run it to make sure that it worked correctly, it did.

The next thing I noticed was that several files in the ~mcidas/workdata
directory (*.ERR, *.IDM, etc.) which should get updated by the McIDAS-XCD
decoder processes run by 'ldm' were not getting updated.  The reason
for this is that they already existed, were owned by 'mcidas', and
had read/write permissions set to read/write for 'mcidas' and read
for 'ldm'.  I stopped the LDM and deleted these files (as 'mcidas')
and restarted the LDM.  Decoding seems to be working correctly now.

The next thing I tried was running FRNTDISP as 'mcidas' to see if
it would now work; it didn't.  I verified that it would work by
pointing to the remote ADDE server on adde.ucar.edu:

<as 'mcidas'>
frntdisp.k OUT=RAW
ASUS01 KWBC 201627                                              2009293 1627

1226 PM EDT TUE OCT 20 2009

VALID 102015Z

So, there is nothing wrong with FRNTDISP itself.  A little code
diving shows that the error being returned, -41001, is an
indication that the no data was returned from the server in
the read attempt.  I think we need to wait for a bit (couple
three hours) to see if this disappears when new frontal position
information is received.

(a little later)
I got a bit antsy waiting for data, and several tests I ran
for WXTLIST and WWLIST all failed, so I decided to re-setup
XCD decoding.  I did this by:

- stopping the LDM (as 'ldm')

- deleting all *.IDX, *.IDT, *.RA* and *.XCD files in
  ~ldm/data/mcidas (as 'ldm')

- rerunning the XCD setup BATCH file

  <as 'mcidas'>
  cd $MCDATA
  batch.k XCD.BAT

I am now waiting for enough data to come in to see if routines
that access the RTWXTEXT dataset on climate-db2 work correctly
(they all work correctly when pointing at adde.ucar.edu).

I will continue to monitor things and get back to you with updated
information later...


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