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[McIDAS #JML-445187]: Need help with McIDAS dataset

Hi Gilbert,

re: which account do you want to use to look at this case study data?

> The gempak account would be best, I think.


re: do you envision that you will want to be able to access the
case study data remotely?

> Through VNC, yes, but not any other way.

Interesting.  weather3 has an ADDE remote server configured for use.
It could be setup to serve the Mace case study data also (with a
bit of tweaking).

re: which account to you want to use to look at this case study data

> Gempak...

Since you say:

> I'd rather not do that, either. Since my friend and grad student is using
> both GEMPAK and McIDAS to view the data, I'd like to do this under one
> account.

Given this, I would suggest configuring his own account to use both
GEMPAK and McIDAS.  The problem with using the primary accounts for
the package installations is that you run the risk of something being
inadvertently messed up.


> I'll do gempak...

I suggest otherwise...

re: suggested configurations for McIDAS/ADDE

> Sounds good. I'll do this under gempak, but of course, it's an easy
> substitution.

I would reconsider and use his own account.  It would keep things

re: what other types of displays do you want to create?

> Surface and upper air plots, contours and overlays thereof for the Ohio
> Valley, as well as visible, IR and WV satellite data.

OK, this should be easy enough in McIDAS.

re: what is the ultimate goal?

> To get my friend an "A" on his thesis by giving him the data he needs in
> the plots.


> I'll do this today if I have time, but he'll be back on Tuesday.
> Thanks, as always, for all of your help, Tom!!!! Customer support
> extraordinaire for us in the trenches (and the occasional goofball in
> DeKalb that occupies it. ;-) )



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