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[McIDAS #TSY-435654]: IDV/ADDE Questions

Hi Adam,

re: available datasets shown in IDV

> Ok... well that's what it was....my PUBLIC.SRV is NOT the same file as
> RESOLV.SRV...That's fixed.  Now my IDV sees the datasets in the dropdown
> menu.


> I didn't know you could just type in the dataset name though...woops...I
> thought it had to be in the drop down menu.

This is for sites using SSEC McIDAS instead of Unidata McIDAS.  I added
in the PUBLIC.SRV setup (although not well) to our distribution for use
by the IDV.

> I have no problem being on the Cooperating Community Servers page.

Fantastic, thanks!  I just added tornado to the page.

> If you
> want me to add BLIZZARD just tell me what to do and where to get it(mcidas
> is still kinda new to me...but I'm getting there).  For any other dataset
> just let me know...

BLIZZARD is easy to setup:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/data/tutorial

ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
  <user> xxxxx
  <pass> xxxxx
  cd data/workshop
  get learn_data.tar.gz

tar xvzf learn_data.tar.gz
rm learn.data.tar.gz


If you followed the McIDAS installation/setup instructions carefully
the BLIZZARD dataset should now be setup on tornado.  To test this

dmap.k AREA8
dmap.k MDXX8
dmap.k GRID8

The indicated location for all three DMAP invocations should be
in /home/mcidas/data/tutorial.  If they are not (i.e., if the listings
for files named AREA8*, MDXX8*, and GRID8* are empty), then
run the following:

redirect.k ADD AREA8\* \"/home/mcidas/data/tutorial
redirect.k ADD MDXX8\* \"/home/mcidas/data/tutorial
redirect.k ADD GRID8\* \"/home/mcidas/data/tutorial

At this point, BLIZZARD should be setup on tornado for all ADDE-enabled
applications just like the other datasets that tornado is hosting.

> Looking at the info on the servers page...I guess the only thing you need to
> know is that this is on a CentOS 5.3 Linux x86_64 platform.

Got it.  As soon as you let me know that BLIZZARD is setup, I will
update the entry for tornado to reflect the fact that it is there.

> BTW, do you ever sleep??  I have emails from you at 9:12pm, 3:21am!!,
> 2:07pm....  :-)

You caught me on a good day ;-)

Actually, I was up late last night (sic) doing some mopping up activities
related to yesterday's NOAAPort snafu: the contractor for the NOAAPort
SBN made a change that caused errors in the CCBs (Communication Control
Blocks) for model output in the NOAAPort nwstg and nwstg2 channels.  Those
model output products get relayed in the IDD as the HDS and NGRID datastreams,
respectively. I was putting together an email to the NOAA folks that I talked
with yesterday detailing exactly what was wrong in the CCBs that was
reeking havoc with the product ID creation for the IDD (the information
I was sending to NOAA was provided by Dan Vietor of Unisys and Stonie Cooper
of Planetary Data, Inc.).  My hope was that the information would be relayed
to the contractor (Raytheon) so that they could more easily find and fix their
programming bug.

> Thanks,

No worries.


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