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[McIDAS #STG-808468]: Conversion of mcidas area to shapefile format

Hi Randy,

> It seems that Martha is being left off the emails as her name did not
> appear on your last email. No worries, I have been forwarding them to
> her.

Oops, my bad.  I was trying to cut down on the number of CCs on the email
replies (we have a strange problem with our inquiry tracking system that
screws-up CC addresses when the character count in the CC email addresses
gets near 80)... I deleted Martha's CC when I should have deleted yours
(the To: name for ticket replies is yours, not Martha's so you do not need
to also be CCed).  Martha is CCed on this reply (and you are not).

> Yes we have are now able to use Mcidas to GRDLIST RTGRIDS/xxx.

Hold on a minute.  In Unidata McIDAS, the RTGRIDS dataset is composed of
GRIB (not GRIB2) data that is decoded by DMGRID into McIDAS GRIDnnnn files.
RTGRIBS and RTGRIB2 are datasets that are composed of GRIB and GRIB2 data
that is stored on disk in original GRIB/GRIB2 file format and whose metadata
is stored in a MySQL database.  The serving of the data is faster because
the metadata from the GRIB/GRIB2 messages get extracted when the file is
originally processed.  The selection/searching for the correct GRIB/GRIB2
message is done using the metadata stored in the MySQL database so
the searching/sorting is fast.

> I was not
> sure if martha had run the batch.k scripts you mentioned below so I
> logged onto our noaapxcd machine and performed those as user mcidas. I
> was then able to do the grdlist.k command.


> I assume on one of my other
> machines I should be able to do a dsinfo.k ALL RTGRIBS and see the
> information.

Yes, assuming, of course, that the client routing for RTGRIBS and RTGRIB2 is
setup to contact the remote ADDE server on your noaapxcd machine.

> When I tried the grdlist.k on another machine it did not
> recognize the RTGRIBS dataset.

What is the listing from:


on your "other machine"?

What I want to know is if the account you are running McIDAS from
on the "other machine" is trying to access the remote ADDE server
on noaapxcd or if is trying to access those datasets as LOCAL-DATA.

The other thing that could be going wrong -- assuming that it is trying
to access the remote ADDE server on noaapxcd -- is your ADDE serving
setup on noaapxcd.  The remote ADDE setup in Unidata McIDAS is different
than that in SSEC McIDAS, and I am not completely sure that you are using
a fully-compliant Unidata installation/setup.


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