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[McIDAS #ZWV-411600]: ADDE Access to GOES South

Hi Fred,

> I have recently switched the ERAU GOES ADDE data access to
> the Unidata servers at EAST and WEST at unidata.ucar.edu.

I noticed that an ERAU machine is now accessing data off of the
ADDE servers on goeseast.unidata.ucar.edu and goeswest.unidata.ucar.edu.

> We are now getting data about a half hour sooner than from the
> SSEC ADDE access.


> Thank you for setting up the new servers with the ability to
> get the real time data.

No worries.

> However, I have not been able to access the GOES-South data
> at goessouth.unidata.ucar.edu.  The access commands hang as
> if the server is accessible on line.

This is _very_ strange.  A large variety of sites are accessing the
SOUTH dataset off of goessouth.unidata.ucar.edu.  In fact, over
the past 61 days, 2.4 TB of GOES-10 data has been served off of
goessouth.unidata.ucar.edu via ADDE.

I would guess that the problem on your end is one of a stale
hostname <-> IP address in your McIDAS client routing table.  To
freshen this entry, run the 'DATALOC HOST' command in a session
that will modify the same client routing table for that will be
used in the scripts you are running.

> Is the South server up and running?

Yes, absolutely. I just loaded a South American IR image a couple
of minutes ago from my home Fedora 9 Linux machine.

> Does the antenna now track the GOES-10 movements?

Yes.  For "fun", check out the following web page I put together that
documents our GOES-10 dish adventure:


As you will see, we implemented a single-axis tracking system by building
our own satellite mount.  Tracking is being run by a Research Concepts, Inc.
RC2000C that has had a RC1500 eprom installed which can drive a single
axis for tracking (the RC2000C is designed for dual axes tracking).

In case you are interested, we have recently purchased a second RC2000 (off
of eBay no less) which we will using with an old USAN dish at the NCAR Mesa Lab
site.  The dual axes tracking capability will allow that dish to be repointed
to and ingest data from any of the current GOES satellites: GOES-10, GOES-12,
GOES-11, AND GOES-13. We will be working on this dish in the coming weeks as
time permits (all of this effort has been done on an as time permits basis).


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