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[McIDAS #HMN-288131]: Issue with Linking to Unidata libmcidas

Hi Martha,

> We attempted to rebuild an app using some code that called McIDAS
> functions and that had been linked to SSEC's McIDAS 2005's libmcidas,
> with UNIDATA's McIDAS 2007 libmcidas, and got unresolved references to
> various PNG-related functions contained within arealine.o

This is not surprising.  I modified link rules for several XRD routines that
I include in the Unidata McIDAS makefile to include searching of the PNG 
built as part of the Unidata McIDAS installation.  Here are some examples:

cldtopo.k               : cldtopo.o $(LIBDEPS) $(PNGDEPS)
                        @$(L) -o $@ $(main_o) cldtopo.o $(LIBARGS) $(PNGARGS)

gvarinfo.k              : gvarinfo.o $(LIBDEPS) $(PNGDEPS)
                        @$(L) -o $@ $(main_o) gvarinfo.o $(LIBARGS) $(PNGARGS)

imgproc.k               : imgproc.o $(LIBDEPS) $(PNGDEPS)
                        @$(L) -o $@ $(main_o) imgproc.o $(LIBARGS) $(PNGARGS)
maketopo.k              : maketopo.o $(LIBDEPS) $(PNGDEPS)
                        @$(L) -o $@ $(main_o) maketopo.o $(LIBARGS) $(PNGARGS)

                        @$(L) -o $@ $(main_o) refmap.o $(LIBARGS)
remap2.k                : remap2.o $(LIBDEPS) $(PNGDEPS)
                        @$(L) -o $@ $(main_o) remap2.o $(LIBARGS) $(PNGARGS)
remap2_tasc.k           : $(main_o) remap2_tasc.o cloudp_tasc.o $(LIBDEPS) 
                        @$(L) -o $@ $(main_o) remap2_tasc.o cloudp_tasc.o 

PNGDEPS and PNGARGS are defined near the top of makefile:

PNGDEPS                 = $(PNG) $(ZLIB)
PNGARGS                 = -L. -lmcidas $(PKGPNG)/.libs/libpng.a 

> (I've attached a print out of these errors).

These are the kinds of missing dependencies that I would expect.

> We had one system that had SSEC's McIDAS 2007a installed on it, and we
> could link the same code successfully to the libmcidas with that SSEC
> distribution.

'arealine' is a routine added to Unidata McIDAS to support direct use of
the PNG-compressed imagery that is sent in the Unidata McIDAS IDD datastream
(IDD feedtype UNIWISC).  It is not included in the SSEC release.

> I realize that we are on the cusp between McIDAS 2007 and McIDAS 2008,
> but as we prefer to use UNIDATA's McIDAS we would appreciate some help
> on fixing this problem .

Please review the rules in the Unidata McIDAS makefile to see what must be
done to link your own applications.  Let me know if you have further questions.

> Thanks in advance.


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