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[McIDAS #IMU-985792]: Fw: Re: global mosaic

Hi Randy,

I apologize for not responding to your email earlier.  I started to
reply, but got pulled off onto other things and forgot to pick up the

> I am having trouble producing a global mosaic of the GEO sats.
> using imgremap i remapped each full disk image into a common projection 
> for example, IMGREMAP GOES12 GLOB.1 PRO=RECT RES=16 SIZE=1100 1224
> each of the five remapped full disk images are now remapped and all
> have the same size 1100 1224 over their respective regions of the world

OK.  This should be straightforward enough...

> i then try using IMGOPER GLOB.1 GLOB.2 GLOB.3 GLOB.4 GLOB.5 OUT.1 FORM=CMIN 
> it runs but i dont get a global mosaic instead i get the enclosed.
> any ideas?


- (minor) the ZERO= keyword is archaic -- it is no longer documented in the 
  help or User's Guide for IMGOPER.  Even though the code still has provision
  for ZERO=, I would use the MISS= keyword instead so that future changes
  to IMGOPER would not make your procedure invalid (e.g., MISS=NONE)

- (minor) my gut reaction is that the function (FORM=) should be CMAX, not CMIN
  but that is TBD

- (major) the reason that your composite is not coming out like you want is due
  to the way you are creating global views of the various pieces.  What you
  need to do is specify the LATLON= for the destination image in the original
  IMGREMAP invocations so that the center position of each piece is the same.

  Example: specify the center point of the eventual composite as 0N, 0W:


  Do the same sort of thing for each piece.  When you do the image combination
  using IMGOPER, you will get the global coverage you are after.

> thanks,

No worries.

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