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[McIDAS #XRR-599672]: Configuring scouring of McIDAS data

Hi Samuel,

> I'm getting the exact same MySQL install problems on our new machine that we 
> had
> last October.  I'm beginning to think there is a missing step in the 
> instructions.

If there is a step missing in the instructions, I am very interested in 
pinpointing what
it should be and fixing it!

>I used the stock MySQL install from RHEL5's DVD, and mcidas seemed to install 

Very good.

> I didn't have to copy any MySQL libraries or anything,

This is _very_ good.  Your problem last time was related to an inconsistent 
of MySQL which you attempted to work around by copying MySQL libraries to 
places where
they did not belong.

> however the XCD_START.LOG file is complaining about GRIBDEC.PRO&GRIBFILER.PRO 
> not found.
> The LDM account has no problem creating files in the /home/mcidas/workdata 
> directory,
> so I don't know what the problem is.(again)

My first guess would be that GRID and/or GRIB processing has not been 
Did you make sure to turn on GRIB and/or GRIB processing?  One way of doing this

<as 'mcidas'>
decinfo.k LIST        <- check the listing to see if DMGRID and/or DMBIN is 

If DMGRID (GRID decoding) and/or DMBIN (GRIB processing) is _not_ active, this 
your problem which is remedied by activating it/them:

decinfo.k SET DMGRID ACTIVE       <- if you want GRID decoding (non-MySQL)
decinfo.k SET DMBIN ACTIVE        <- if you want GRIB processing

If GRID and/or GRIB processing was correctly configured, then the only thing I
can think of is that your McIDAS build did not include support for MySQL.  To 
if this is the case, please send me the following:

- contents of your ~mcidas/.bash_profile file (if you are using BASH)
- the output from:

  ldd ~mcidas/bin/dmbin.k

> You might want to refer to WTM-677712 as well.

We probably have enough to go on with the above.


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