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[Datastream #ZNQ-179731]: Request for Wind Profiler(FSL2) data for February 4-February 7

> Would it be possible to request archived Wind Profiler(FSL2) data? We are 
> trying to gather data for a project a student is planning to do on this 
> timeframe, and it turns out our data stream was intermittent/nonexistant 
> during that time frame.  If it would help, we only need data for the most 
> Eastern sites in the lower 48 United States.
Hello Samuel, 

We "generally" are not a data archive center, we do, however, provide a service 
to do exactly what you are asking (fill in holes in case of hardware or network 
issues). We maintain a THREDDS catalog of the IDD data streams and keep 1 to 2 
weeks of data (feedtype dependent).

The URL for the catalog that has the data I believe you desire is:


...or if you are pointing a THREDDS enabled client, use a ".xml" suffix instead 
of the ".html"

Hope this helps.


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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Ticket ID: ZNQ-179731
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