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[IDD #TTR-495389]: Slow access to local datasets through ADDE

Hi Samuel,

> O.K. Just to let you know:
> I have tried to reduce some of our data processing, to reduce how far behind 
> shu's
> processing times are, to eliminate gaps in the data we currently store.  
> Unfortunately
> it seems as though there are still gaps in the GINIEAST/GE1KVIS (GOES-EAST 
> 1km VISUAL)
> satellite imagery.

OK.  It may still be necessary to do some more tweaking of your processing 
(pqact) setup.

> Overnight, shu hasn't had any significant "Behind" messages in ldmd.log(only 
> 1/2 second or so),
> and pqmon -l- indicates the oldest queue entry is 2670 seconds.

This sounds much better.

> I have eliminated the ingesting of PR,AK, and HI imagery, and moved the 
> NNEXRAD file processing
> to a separate file system.  Unfortunately, this hasn't seemed to eliminate 
> all of our missing data.

You may want to create a pqact.conf_nnexrad file that only contains the NNEXRAD 
Then, remove NNEXRAD as one of the feedtypes in pqact.conf_mcidasB processing 
and add a
new ldmd.conf 'exec' line to run a new 'pqact' instance for the NNEXRAD 


exec    "pqact -f FSL2|NLDN|NNEXRAD|UNIWISC|HDS|CONDUIT etc/pqact.conf_mcidasB"


exec    "pqact -f FSL2|NLDN|UNIWISC|HDS|CONDUIT etc/pqact.conf_mcidasB"
exec    "pqact -f NNEXRAD etc/pqact.conf_nnexrad"

> Is there a way to prune down our data, to avoid processing data from outside 
> the lower 48
> United States?

This may be possible in theory, but in practice it would be pretty much of a 

As a first step, let's try moving the NNEXRAD processing into its own pqact 
as I outlined above.

If this doesn't do all that is needed, let's move the NIMAGE processing out of 
into its own pqact.conf_nimage file and add another invocation of pqact to 
that just processes the NIMAGE data:


exec    "pqact -f IDS|DDPLUS|HRS|NGRID|FNEXRAD|NIMAGE etc/pqact.conf_mcidasA"


exec    "pqact -f IDS|DDPLUS|HRS|NGRID|FNEXRAD etc/pqact.conf_mcidasA"
exec    "pqact -f NIMAGE etc/pqact.conf_nimage"


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