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[McIDAS #YSW-232469]: Plotting vectors based on SPD and DIR

Hi Kwan,

> I followed your steps and successfully plotted the wind
> barbs.

Very good.

> When trying to register the new schema file,
> however, it could not let me register in the user account
> (sche.k WIND.TXT finished okay but nothing was listed when
> I did lsche.k WIND).  I had to do it in 'mcidas' account.
> (Not sure why.  Perhaps some paths or directory
> ownerships etc. are not set up exactly right.)

The account you were trying to register the schema from must have
been "pointing" at (via a file REDIRECTion or MCPATH directory) a
copy of SCHEMA owned by 'mcidas'.  The standard installation/configuration
of Unidata McIDAS-X sets the read/write permissions on SCHEMA to be
rw-rw-r.  If the account you were trying to register the schema from
was not in the same group as 'mcidas', the permissions on SCHEMA would
not allow you to write to it.

> The apparent wind data are actually cloud motion vectors.
> I plotted them using
> sfcplot.k WINDV EUROPE 11 2006/07/18 LSIZE=6 COL=3

I am a little suprised that SFCPLOT would not care that the schema
of the CLOUDS/VECTOR dataset was not ISFC or SYN...

> I am wondering if I can plot the vectors whose head would
> be at the point the cloud would move to at the end of one
> hour., i.e., the vectors would represent the linear
> projected paths of the cloud over the next hour.

Not with PTDISP (SFCPLOT runs PTDISP for you).

Hmm...  There is a program called WHEN that does a little of what you
are looking for.  WHEN is part of the XRD package included with
the Unidata McIDAS-X release; it is not built into an executable by

If you want to play with WHEN, do the following:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/mcidas2006/src
make when.k when.hlp
ln when.k ~/bin
ln when.hlp ~/help
help.k WHEN

NB: I havn't built when.k for two years, so I am not sure that it will
build correctly or run.


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