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[McIDAS #MET-935016]: McIDAS - Cannot get mcunpack to execute -- keep getting message to define McINST_ROOT

Hi Alan,

> Thanks for your last dispatch.  Very helpful!  After exporting
> the variables, the mcunpack program DID work.  It looked like
> it all unpacked OK.

Very good.

> I hit a snag/error after typing the 'make all' statement in
> the mcidas/src directory.  The messages were as follows:
> address@hidden ~]$ cd mcidas2005/src
> address@hidden src]$ make all
> make: NOTICE: VENDOR compiler selection: -g77
> rm -f tclcomp
> sh tclcomp.sh /home/mcidas/tcl ../tcl ../tk tclcomp
> tclcomp.sh: Error building Tcl configuration file
> tclcomp.sh: Possible compiler error
> make: *** [tclcomp] Error 1
> This message appeared two times in my two attempts to 'make
> all.'  Maybe there is it doesn't like the -g77.  Any thoughts?

The first time you ran 'make all' you should have seen quite a bit more
involved messages about things being removed and then created.  When
the build gets to the point of running 'configure' to create the Makefile
for the Tcl and Tk parts of the distribution, you should have smooth
sailing unless there is something wrong with your compiler installation.
I would assume that this is not the case as long as your FC4 OS was
installed including all things needed for doing software development
(building McIDAS in this case).

In order to figure out what is failing, please do the following:

<all things are done as the user 'mcidas'>

- try a fresh build:

cd ~mcidas/mcidas2005/src
make clobber

make all

If/when the build stops, do the following and report the results back
so I can see what is going wrong:

cd ../tcl/unix
less config.log

The end of the config.log listing (end meaning last 40 lines or so) should
tell us exactly what is failing when 'configure' tries to create the
Makefile for the Tcl portion of the distribution.

> Hopefully this is the last hurdle (or one of the last)!
> Thank you so much!...Alan
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