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[McIDAS #MET-935016]: McIDAS - Cannot get mcunpack to execute -- keep getting message to define McINST_ROOT

Hi Alan,

> Thank you for your help previously.  I had to delay the McIDAS
> installation for just a bit, but now am attempting it again.
> In the meantime I learned a bit more about Fedora and file
> structures, modification of the .bashrc file, etc.

No worries.

> I still am having problems getting the mcunpack program to
> execute.
> I modified the .bashrc filr in the /home/mcidas account to read:
> # .bashrc
> # User specific aliases and functions
> # McINST_ROOT and VENDOR non-conforming shell definitions
> McINST_ROOT=/home/mcidas
> VENDOR=-g77
> if [ -d $HOME/admin/mcidas_env.csh ]; then
> source $HOME/admin/mcidas_env.csh
> fi
> # Source global definitions
> if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then
> . /etc/bashrc
> fi

The piece that might be missing is exporting your environment variable
definitions.  Here is the example from the McIDAS installation pages
from our website:


# McINST_ROOT and VENDOR conforming shell defines needed to bulid McIDAS
if [ -e $HOME/admin/mcidas_env.sh ]; then
  . $HOME/admin/mcidas_env.sh

Without the 'export McINST_ROOT VENDOR' line, these environment variables
will not be picked up by shell scripts (like mcunpack) run from the command

> I had to change the conditional statement to be of similar
> syntax--otherwise I would obtain an error.  This .bashrc did
> work to the the environment variables that were required.
> Below, I copy in what I obtained from the terminal window:
> address@hidden ~]$ pwd
> /home/mcidas
> address@hidden ~]$ echo $McINST_ROOT
> /home/mcidas
> address@hidden ~]$ echo $VENDOR
> -g77
> address@hidden ~]$ ./mcunpack
> You must define McINST_ROOT as the full pathname of an
> existing directory where you intend to install Unidata
> McIDAS-X Version v2005 first. The standard location is
> /home/mcidas.
> Please define McINST_ROOT and try again...
> address@hidden ~]$
> address@hidden ~]$

I believe that this is most likely caused by the lack of the 'export'
line in your .bashrc file.

> So, I do have the directory set up correctly (i. e., I am
> working in the /home/mcidas directory).  the names for
> McINST_ROOT and VENDOR have been set for the mcunpack program
> to use.   Also, mcunpack permissions have been set for it to
> execute.  Still, though, no cigar.  Any ideas?
> Many thanks,...Alan
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> Note New Email Address: address@hidden

Thanks for the updated email address.

Please let me know if adding the 'export' line to your .bashrc
file and then doing an '. .bashrc' doesn't get you past the problem
of executing 'mcunpack'.


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