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[McIDAS #DJR-180829]: Mcidas xcd vs ldm mcidas

Hi Randy,

> Thanks for the reply. I am not sure I understand all of what you wrote,
> however,

Not to worry.  The process of setting up ADDE serving of data is straightforward
and will seem easy once you get your feet wet.

> the origin of my email is that XCD seems to be oh so fragile. I
> broke it this morning and when discussing with ssec they seem not to
> have a lot of confidence in their recommendations on a fix. I have since
> fixed the problem.

This is interesting.  I have found XCD to be pretty robust _if_ it is
configured properly.  What problem(s) did you see and what were your

> So I guess what I was saying is: I am running LDM on my noaapnew
> machine. From their I want to serve that data up to other machines which
> are running mcidas instead of having a middle man (noaapxcd) which runs
> XCD serving up the data to the other machines.

> Does this make sense?

Yes, it make sense, but how are the data being delivered by the LDM going to
be converted (decoded) into McIDAS-compatible formats?  This is what McIDAS-XCD
is for.

The typical Unidata McIDAS site setup has three components:

- LDM which is used for getting a variety of data (i.e., the typical Unidata 
  is NOT running a NOAAPORT ingester)

- McIDAS-X/-XCD installed on the same machine that is running the LDM that is 
  data.  McIDAS-XCD data monitors/decoders convert the data received into forms
  that are directly usable by McIDAS (and the IDV, by the way)

- McIDAS-X remote ADDE server setup to give access to the data decoded by 

Your setup is only different in that the upstream feeder for data is an LDM 
on a NOAAPORT ingest machine.  After the data is moved off of that machine, the
components of your system will be the same as the typical Unidata site.  Now, if
you were running Unidata McIDAS, you could follow the instructions in the 
McIDAS Users Guide:


to setup your ingestion, decoding, and ADDE serving of the data.

If you are running SSEC McIDAS-X/XCD, you can use my instructions as a guide,
but you will need to know enough to tweek/change things where needed.

To reassure you that this entier process is not that difficult I want to add
that the entire configuration process takes about a half hour when you know
what you are doing.  When you have never had to go through the configuration
steps, the process is longer since it is advisable to reflect on what is being
done at each phase of the setup.

> Thanks,

No worries.


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