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Re: 20041004: SFCMG and TYPE=ALL omit latest reports for line drawings (T, Td, P)

Hi Tom,

I just figured it out. It is because some SPECI doesn't specify all
parameters (by example T and Td are often missing because they didn't
change significantly since the last METAR). Would there be a way to
modify sfcmg so that for periods less than an hour, missing data is

BTW, I upgraded without any problem to McIDAS-X v2004! No technical
problem this time! :-) We are now up to date at UQAM, with GEMPAK
5.7.3 and LDM 6.1.0 also.



On Tue, 05 Oct 2004 17:53:46 -0600, Tom Yoksas <address@hidden> wrote:
> >From:  =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Christian_Pag=E9?= <address@hidden>
> >Organization:  UQAM
> >Keywords:  200410041955.i94JtvUE015904 McIDAS SFCMG TYPE=ALL
> Hi Christian,
> >I don't know if anybody stumbled about this particular problem. When
> >using SFCMG with TYPE=ALL, the latest obs is not taken into account
> >for line graphs in the meteogram, e.g. T, Td and P.
> Is it your observation that the latest hourly hob _is_ included,
> but the latest specials are not?  The reason I ask is that I just
> plotted a meteorogram for KDEN specifying the TYPE=ALL keyword
> and do see the most currently hourly obs.
> >It is fine when
> >omitting TYPE=ALL. However, I am still running McIDAS v2003, so if it
> >was fixed in later version, please disregards. I will upgrade soon
> >anyway.
> Can you let us know when you see a good example of the failure so
> that this can be investigated better?  Thanks!
> >Many thanks,
> Cheers,
> Tom
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