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20040114: additional questions on becoming a McIDAS user

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: GMU
>Keywords: 200401091350.i09DoXp2006320 McIDAS my.unidata register


>thanks for getting back to me.  I completely forgot that there was an
>AMS meeting this week.  I didn't go this year, so, I guess I lost track
>of when it was.

No worries.

>anyway, I just had 3 additional questions.  
>The first question is about registering.  When I register at
>my.unidata.ucar.edu, do I register as myself (Rosalyn) or do I register
>as George Mason University?  Will this make George Mason a "core
>Unidata Institution"?

Individual users register as Unidata participants.  You would list
your affiliation as GMU, however.  Our concept is that the principle
contact at a university would register to get access to our packages.
In practice, we have found that the person desiring a particular
package goes ahead and registers so that s/he can do the download.

>The second question is about training.  When and where is the
>once-a-year training offered?

This past fall it was held in late October/early November.  If
scheduling works out it is most likely to be in late July/early
August this year.  Since we hav not made up the schedule yet, this
target should not be taken as a firm commitment for that period.

>The third is a question which is more about personal interests.  Can
>you get Meteosat data from the LDM?  Just curious, for my own personal

Unfortunately no.  One Unidata site does maintain an ADDE server
with one band of Meteosat data in it, so users can access that.
I have inteneded to setup an ADDE server for Meteosat data that
has all bands that are available (meaning the 6-hourly, non encrypted
imagery), but I have not had the chance to set this up yet.

>Thanks again.



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