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20040113: McIDAS: User Configuration Problem

>From: Michael Keables <address@hidden>
>Organization: DU
>Keywords: 200401131948.i0DJmNp2004871 McIDAS account .mcidasrc

Hi Mike,

Sorry I havn't been able to look at this until now, but I am at
the AMS conference in Seattle.

>I'm trying to establish individual user accounts for my students and 
>have run into a file protection issue that I can't seem to untangle 
>(mcidas2003 on cyclone..have't had a chance to upgrade yet.) I've 
>created the mcidas and mcidas/data directores in the user's directory, 
>modified the .cshrc files as indicated, run REDIRECT REST LOCAL.NAM and 
>REDIRECT MAKE, no problem. I run TE XCDDATA, and when I then run BATCH 
>LSSERV.BAT, I get the following message:
> write sfe: [13] Permission denied  logical unit 21, named 
>'export/home/mcidas/data/RESOLV.SRV' lately: writing sequential 
>formatted external IO.

It looks like you have a directory in your MCPATH that has a copy
of RESOLV.SRV that you do not have write permission for.  To check
to see which RESOLV.SRV is being written/attempted to be written,
use the DMAP command:


This will give you the location that McIDAS wants to use to locate
the file.

>I've checked the permissions on all of the directories for the new user 
>account as well as user mcidas against my own directories (I have no 
>problems) but can't seem to find the problem. 
>Also, when I launch mcidas on the new account, the old GUI window loads 
>along with the command window. After I exit the GUI and then type 
>MCGUI, the new GUI window appears. Not sure what is happening here 

Your .mcidasrc file probably has conflicting settings for what should be
run in it.  Try starting McIDAS with:

mcidas -config

Select which interface you want to use from the startup GUI and make
sure to specify that you want to save the changes to the defaults file.
After McIDAS is up, EXIT and then restart using:


If you continue to have the problem, it means that the user does not
have write permission to the copy of the defaults file that is trying
to be written:


>Would you please take a look at the setup on cyclone (new user account 
>I'm trying to create is cbond) and see what I'm doing wrong?

I will do this when I get back to Boulder (I don't have the needed passwords
with me at the moment).

>Thanks in advance.

Again, sorry that I couldn't get to this sooner.



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