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20031222: wxtlist

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: Northrop Grumman
>Keywords: 200312221824.hBMIOEp2005732 McIDAS WXTLIST


>the following command:
>will produce the latest zone forecasts issued from the LWX forecast office.


>The content is broken down into separate zones. Is there away to list a
>particular zone only and NOT the entire product.

WXTLIST will list out one entire product not pieces of a product,
so I don't see how it could list just one zone.


No worries.


>From address@hidden Mon Dec 22 14:19:53 2003

Hi Randy,

Unfortunately, you cannot do what you want with the WXTLIST command. You
probably can, however, write a script or McBASI program that strips just
the info you want from the WXLIST output. I believe that's what JerryR
does here to post our NWS forecast on the SSEC Web site's local forecast
page (http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/cgi-bin/lc?mad_for). I was going to check
with Jerry to see how he does it, but Jerry's on vacation this week. I'm
guessing he grabs the text from below the word "MADISON" to the "$$"
line that seems to separate the forecasts for each set of zones.

Running WXTLIST by itself won't work because it lists the entire text
product (which has a first line with the WMO header and WMO station on
the left, and the issued date and time on the far right). Many (maybe
all?) NWS products also contain a AFOS/AWIPS header in the line below
the WMO header (e.g., ZFPLWX).

I point that out because you can get the same output as your command by
using WXTLIST APRO=ZFP ASTN=LWX with something like MATCH=PENDLETON to
highlight that particular line of the output. And as it says in the
WXTLIST remarks, you can specify -tcolfg15  'color' (where color is is
the highlight color) in your .mcidasrc file to pick a color that really
makes the match text stand out. I have mine set to orange.

Barry Roth
McIDAS Help Desk

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