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20031120: Fwd: LDM installation at Western Michigan Univesity.

>From:  Karthik Samudram Jayaraman <address@hidden>
>Organization:  Western Michigan
>Keywords:  200311202201.hAKM1FEH027659 McIDAS-XCD LDM ADDE


>Karthik Once again. Could I proceed with some activites ( towards my 
>goal ) without my Sysadmin doing the stuff that you had asked me to 

The LDM will not run as it should until the system admin step I told
you about in a previous email.

>I think he was very busy today and I thin khe could not get his 
>hands on this.

This will only take him a couple of minutes to do.

>So, can i procedd with some other activities to link 
>my LDM server and the systems with IDV on it?

If I understand what you want to do correctly, you want to setup:

1) data ingestion on the LDM side
2) decoding of the data into McIDAS formats
3) McIDAS ADDE datasets that both McIDAS and IDV can then access

You could do the setup steps for 2) and 3) before 1) is finished,
but it would be easier to setup the ingestion, filing, decoding,
and dataset definitions after the sysadmin is finished.  The reason
for this is that it is useful to test things out as things are
added to make sure that everything is working before proceeding
to the next step.

>Hi Tom,
>Iam waiting for my sysadmin to make the changes that you wanted us 
>to do for the LDM installation. 
>Will it be possible for you to list the sequence of operations that 
>I should be doing to use our IDV on the network to interact with our 
>server to get the data ( the one that has the LDM - s400 ). Our IDVs 
>are installed on the Windows systems. 

The list of steps to get data ingestion and decoding into McIDAS
are detailed in the McIDAS web pages.  I would much rather not have
to distil those pages into an email since it would be replicating
information that is already readily available.

>The reason that iam askin you this is that, as i already have told 
>you, i want to finish the whole thing ASAP so that the students can 
>use the system atleast by the end of the semester. 

Probably the quickest way to get you up and running is for me to do
all three steps listed above.  I am willing to do this after your
system administrator is finished with the small jobs he has to perform
to set things up.

If you want me to do this, I will need current passwords for the mcidas
and ldm users (they seem to change).

>Thanks a lot.

No worries.


>From address@hidden Thu Nov 20 16:07:41 2003

Thank you Tom ,

I will wait for our admin to be done and then i will follow up with 
the steps that you have mentioned. In case of necessity, you may be 
bombarded with my mail tomorrow as soon as my admin is done.

I really appreciate your support.



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