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20031119: Unidata McIDAS-X Version 2003 at NIU (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200311191905.hAJJ5lOb020725 McIDAS-X Fedora Linux


>> Does the image display?

OK, I logged in with X tunneled, and found your problem.  When you
reloaded the ~mcidas/.mcidasrc file was deleted.  When you started
the first McIDAS session, a new .mcidasrc file was created, but it
had the default settings for your session.  One of these defaults
was the number and size of frames which was 4 frames of 480x640.
The MCGUI expects there to be at least 17 frames, so any plotting
that was to occur in frames greater than what you had would fail.
Display of single images is defaulted to frame 10 which did not
exist, so the display failed.  Plotting of loops worked -- sort of --
since the loops will display starting in frame 1.  You were getting
loops of 4 frames since that was all the frames you had.

So, I started McIDAS using the GUI startup:

mcidas -config

and set the number of frames to 17.  While at it, I set the size of
frames to be 600x800.  I then remembered to save the settings 
through a radiobutton at the bottom of the startup GUI.

I then started a McIDAS/MCGUI session and displayed GINIWEST satellite
imagery with no problems.


>From address@hidden Wed Nov 19 15:18:19 2003

Hi Tom,

>Oops. Well, guess what? It works anyway. Wait. Single images load fine 
>from the McGUI menu on weather2, and on weather, but not weather3. OK, am 
>I working WITH the drugs? What's going on here?!?

re: compress is contained in ncompress-4.2.4-34 rpm.  Here is how I found
this out on our machine that had a _full_ Fedora install:

>That should have been put in there. I just did...
>And now it works!
re: GIF files being created for your web
>Ahhhh. But I changed permissions to 666, so now it works. I have no clue 
>why LDM owns it, since it is run out of McIDAS.
re: Upgrading from RH9 to Fedora
>Only WXP has a minor issue---background default color is white. Dan's 
>working on that, he thinks it is a Gnome 2.4 bug. When I fire up McIDAS, 
>the little "initializing" bar that briefly pops up is also white, which 
>makes me suspect he is correct. Otehrwise, McIDAS *seems* to be working 
>now on weather2 except for...

re: possible causes for ldm-mcidas decoders not running
>I have to run now, but I just changed permissions to all files in 
>/home/data/mcidas to 666. That won't cause any security problems, either, 
>so I'll see if that temporary solves the problem. New McIDAS files seem to 
>be writing in there OK.

>From address@hidden Wed Nov 19 15:20:39 2003


re: trying to load images in MCGUI running with only 4 frames

>Yep, it works fine now! DUH! Boy, do I feel stupid...I should have never 
>assumed I had only 4 frames!!!

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