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20031110: ADDE on new server

>From: "Thomas L. Mote" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Georgia
>Keywords: 200311110119.hAB1JnOb008399 McIDAS ADDE Linux compess

Hi Tom,

>I likely mentioned to you that I was replacing cacimbo
>with a new server.

Yup, I recall you mentioning this.

>I have made the swap and built
>applications from scratch. I built McIDAS without
>any problems.

Sounds good.

>I thought I followed the directions to
>make sure that ADDE would work. However, I cannot
>connect to any of the datasets from my lab systems.

OK.  Time for troubleshooting.

>A dsserve.k LIST shows all of the datasets (although
>I'm not sure the gini stuff is configured properly

Let's worry about the GINI stuff after getting the other datasets
to work.

>I can telnet to ports 112 and 503 from outside
>campus, so I know the firewall is open. (However,
>no response on port 500, apparently nothing on
>cacimbo is listening on this port. It's supposed
>to be open.)

Perhaps the ADDE remote server install was not quite correct, or
you did not answer 'yes' to a question that asked you if it was 
OK to comment out 'isakmp'.  The reason that this is needed is
that 'isakmp' is registered to use port 500.  SSEC never did try
to register use of either port 500 or 503 for McIDAS, so there
is a conflict especially on Linux systems.

>As before, I seem to be able to get everything except
>the ADDE working. How should I troubleshoot this?

I am willing to bet that you have two fairly simple problems:

- the conflict with isakmp
- potentially the lack of the 'compress' and 'uncompress' utilities

The first problem you can determine and fix most quickly as 'root':

<become root>
cd /etc
vi services

- make sure that the lines that read (if they exist)

isakmp         500/tcp
isakmp         500/udp

  are commented out

- send a HUP signal to the xinetd process

You can determine if you have the second problem by looking in
/usr/bin to see if 'compress' and 'uncompress' are there.  If they
are not, you will need to determine which RedHat rpm they are
contained in (if this is a system running RedHat Linux) and install

>Is there anything I could send you that would help
>diagnose the problem? I'm not sure where to look.

If the above doesn't get you going, I would like to know:

1) the HOME director of the user 'mcadde'; this should be the same
   as the user 'mcidas' which is typically (and recommended to be)

2) the contents of /home/mcidas/.mcenv

3) how the various datasets are defined.  This is done using the
   McIDAS DSSERVE command:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd workdata
dsserve.k LIST

>Thanks (yet again) for your advice/help.

No worries.  The problem is probably a very small one.



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