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20031111: McIDAS - Unix ( Sun ) - McIDAS command AXFORM

>From: "Eddie Harm" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Harvard
>Keywords: 200311111436.hABEatkV024675 McIDAS AXFORM


>Institution: Harvard University
>Package Version: 7.07
>Operating System: Unix ( Sun )
>Hardware Information: Sun Microsystems
>Inquiry: Hello
>Can you please tell me if I can create stand along executable file of AXFORM

The executable for AXFORM can be found in ~mcidas/bin/axform.k.

>I am writing a program using MATLAB and I need to use the McIDAS command
>AXFORM to change the binary data to ASCII.   If I can have executalbe file
>of AXFORM, I can use it inside of the MATLAB script.

Since all McIDAS routines need an environment to be setup before they
can run successfully, you may need to define several McIDAS environment
variables in your script before using axform.k:

MCHOME - the HOME directory of the user 'mcidas' (or the directory under
         which McIDAS was installed)

MCDATA - define this to be the McIDAS working directory; for the 'mcidas'
         user, this is $MCHOME/workdata, and for the non-'mcidas' user,
         this is $HOME/mcidas/data.

MCPATH - a colon (':') separated list of directories that McIDAS will
         search in order when looking for data and ancillary data (things
         like enhancement tables, map databases, etc.) files.  The MCPATH
         setting typically looks like:


These must be defined before any McIDAS command is run.


Tom Yoksas

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