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20031009: McIDAS Image Remapping bug in v2002 (cont.)

>From: address@hidden (Jennie L. Moody)
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 200310031507.h93F7vk1026508 McIDAS v2003

Morning Jennie (it is morning here :-),

re: upgrade to v2003
>I say:
>  arrghh, its such a moving target....okay, lets go
>  ahead.   I guess the changes cannot be that much
>  greater, and I am in the process of changing/upgrading
>  code anyway, might as well try to get current!

I kinda figured that you would agree to this, so I downloaded
and built v2003 last night.  As soon as I saw this message, I
started the install.

>Many, many thanks.  Guess I will turn my attention
>to a couple other things for a little while......

Well, the installation is almost finished.  After this runs, all I do
is change the runtime link and you will then be using the v2003 code
instead of the v2002 stuff.  So, it will be easy to test the things
that weren't working to see if they are OK now.

>I don't think I ever even saw that there was a new
>version released, must have suppressed it.

Not that this is important, but I released v2003 on August 6.  I sent a
note to the mcidas-x users email list and had an announcement on the
Unidata HomePage, http://my.unidata.ucar.edu.

>So are you in the midst of a PolCom meeting
>and Tom W visit?

Yup.  Tom and I went out for breakfast where we always do when he is in
town for Unidata meetings: Dot's Diner.  They have a $2.99 breakfast
special that is very good and easily more food than just about anybody
can eat.  When Charlie was coming out for the meetings (he is now
Executive Director of a new program at Kean, and had to resign from the
Policy Committee due to lack of time), we would all go to Dot's.  What
was really funny was last week the waitress asked if the other guy was
going to show up (Charlie).  Tom and I got a big kick out of that
seeing as how we only go there about once every 6 months.

>If so, give him my warmest regards.

Will do.  Tom made the comment that he was sorry that you were not out
here for the meeting.  It has been too long of a time since we have
seen you!

OK, the installation just finished, and I am flipping the runtime
switch... done:

cd /home/mcidas
rm runtime
ln -s mcidas03 runtime

I then edited ~mcidas/.variables.ksh and set McINST_ROOT to point
at the v2003 distribution:


All of the other McIDAS environment variable settings were "standardized"
when I reorganized things earlier.  Briefly, this is how things
are laid out:


What this means is:

- the UVa-specific stuff is located in $MCDATA (/home/mcidas/uvaworkdata)
- the contents of $MCPATH change as new installations are done -- without
  mucking up things that are UVa-specific --
- the UVa code that Tony developed is located in:

  /home/mcidas/mcidas/src   <- source code
  /home/mcidas/mcidas/bin   <- executables
  /home/mcidas/mcidas/help  <- help files (if any)
  /home/mcidas/mcidas/data  <- data/anciallary data files (if any)

How things stand:

You now havve both v2003, v2002, and v7.6 installed on windfall.
This is taking up a lot of room in /p0/home.  As soon as you can
restart working on your modified water vapor routines and don't see
any show stoppers, I want to remove the v2002 distribution.  This
will immediately give you back 240 MB of disk space.  I would then
recommend either removing v7.6 altogether, or wiping out the build
keeping the source and compressing the distribution.  This would give
you an additional 180 - 200 MB of disk space in /p0/home.

After all of the above is done, we can revisit the grid decoding
that was being done, but was filling up your data disk.



>From address@hidden Thu Oct  9 15:10:04 2003


>Hey, it is late afternoon here!  Sorry that I am just getting
>around to replying.  

>Hey, you are fast, and wonderful.  IT WORKS!

>Well, I know I needed the time to go through things
>but I wish I had understood before that the
>remapping was the source of several problems.

>I am very pleased.  Now on to cleaning up some
>other problems.  That will include the 
>grid selecting....so, you will here more
>from me.

>But for now, thanks a million.


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