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20031014: how to display loop of images in a webpage (cont.)

>From: sridhar duggireddy <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200310141811.h9EIBLOb028533

Hi Sridhara,

>Did you fix the problem?


>I haven't heard from you.

I sent you one email that outlined how we use the Java applet to do
looping of images on one of our web pages. The major difference was we
don't try to create the HTML on the fly through a CGI bin script, and
wouldn't advise you to either.  Also, it is generally a bad idea to
allow a request from an end user to create loops of images from
scratch.  If your site gets popular, your machine will get swamped in
generating images in the loop over and over again.  The best approach
is to create the images on the time frame you want (e.g., once per
hour, etc), and have the GIF (tm) files available for the Java applet
to loop.  With a setup like this your CGI-bin stuff gets simplier and
your machine gets impacted less.

>Today when I tried
>to display the loop of satellites images in LInux machines it is closing the
>browser. When I tried it in the Windows machine it is asking to download
>some software. Do I need to download anything?

The java applet gets downloaded to the client machine.  Other than
that, you shouldn't need download anything else (that I know of).

>Please respond to this mail.

I am in a workshop in Madison, WI at the moment, so I am responding
during a break.  When I get back to Boulder, I have to prepare for a
McIDAS training workshop, write an AMS paper, and prepare to be moved
out of my office for rennovation.  In short, I won't have a lot of time
until at least the end of the first week of November.  Sorry...


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