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20030602: McIDAS on RedHat 7.3 Linux

>From: David Fitzgerald <address@hidden>
>Organization: Millersville University
>Keywords: 200306021705.h52H5pLd008198 McIDAS-X v2002b

Hi Dave,

>I am installing McIDAS2002b on a Linux server.   I am running RedHat Linux
>7.3, fully updated.  
>Compilation went well with no errors.  When I try the tests, running mcidasx
>only gives me the command window, the display window does not appear.

I am betting that you are running this under KDE and not Gnome.  There
are known problems running McIDAS-X (no particular version) under KDE
that have never been sorted out.  I ran a McIDAS training workshop in
the UCAR training facility on 24 machines many of which were identical
to one another.  McIDAS ran fine under Gnome in all cases, but only ran
under KDE on some machines.  Again, we do not understand why 'mcimage'
is not visible under KDE (that it is running can be seen from a 'ps' or
'top' listing).

>These messages show up in the command window when started:
>Mcimage: number of graphics colors plus image colors cannot be more then 62.
>Mcimage: Attempting to guess a good value.
>Mcimage: Using slow processing for Z-16 images

This is more of an informational message than an error.  By the way,
why are you only using 16 bit colors?  Your setup can probably handle
24/32 (depending on the video card, of course).

>Scheduler starting of file SKEDFILE

No problem here.

>Any ideas why I'm not getting the display window ?  

Please let me know if you are _not_ running KDE.  If you are running
Gnome, then this is a new problem.  If you are running KDE, then all I
can offer is the recommendation to switch to Gnome.


>From address@hidden Mon Jun  2 11:27:38 2003


That was the problem.  I was using KDE.  The tests work under Gnome.


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