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20030529: McIDAS installation at UFRJ (cont.)

>From:  David Garrana Coelho <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UFRJ
>Keywords:  200305280404.h4S44lLd024244 McIDAS ADDE IDD-Brazil

Hi David,

I wanted to send you a quick note this morning to let you know
of the changes I made to the image sector creation on brisa.  This
will have to be pretty sketchy since I am involved in a workshop
all day today.

I changed the sector creation to now transfer down 4 km scans of
all of South America in all bands and 1 km VIS scans for regions
centered on Belem (station ID SBBE), Buenos Aires (station ID SABA),
and your modeling domain (LAT,LON 23S 43W).  All of these images
can be accessed from the SAMERICA dataset that is defined in the
'mcidas' account.  The RIO dataset that was defined yesterday is
gone, so you will need to EXIT and restart any McIDAS-X sessions
that you may have had running on brisa.

I am also transferring down sectors from the UNIWISC datastream
that may be of interest to you and other folks in South America:

multisatellite composites for:

- Antarctica - 10.7 um IR
- world in Mollweide projection - 10.7 um (IR) and 6.5/8 um (WV)
- 4 km US GOES-12 eastern sectors for North America: 0.65 um VIS,
  6.5 um WV, and 10.7 um IR

All of these images are available in the RTIMAGES dataset available
from a McIDAS-X session in the 'mcidas' account.  The descriptor
portions of the dataset names you need to use are GE-IR, GE-VIS, GE-WV,

Please take a look at the above sectors and give me feedback on
what is useful and what is not.

I currently have data scouring setup to keep 96 of each image on
disk, but this _will_ need to be tuned to how much you want to
keep online.

What I will be playing with after today's workshop is a notificatoin
system that will tell brisa when the GOES-12 images are available
for download from the server ADDE machine.  After this is working,
I will turn off the cron entries that have brisa poll the ADDE server
to see if there is new data to transfer.  This should be a lot more
efficient on both sides.

I have got to run, but I will check email from time to time this afternoon.


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