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Re: 20030326: problem? with RAIN calibration


Unidata Support wrote:

I also updated the IMGLIST lists for FORM=AUX to list out
the mapping between raw and calibrated values.  These mods
are being reviewed at SSEC for the v2003 release, so now is
the time to make modifications if/when needed.  You can
see the effect from the additions by running the following
from McIDAS:


Okay. For IMGLIST, it's just a matter of printing out the comment cards. What I really need is this as "numeric" information. Right now, we get some of this by parsing the comment cards and getting numeric values for center lat/lon and calibration units. How standard is the format of the information for the Level III imagery so it could be parsed if need be?

One confusing thing is that AUX=YES does not get you the
AUX block.  Does it get the comment cards also, or is
that automatic with any ADDE request?

This is for a trace amount.  At the time I originally did the
server, I did not want to have to return back non-byte
values for the values.  Later, I realized that this was
needed, but I never went back and addressed the 'trace' precip
amount values.


re: trace amounts.
They probably should be 0.01 IN (a trace).

That'd work for me.

I will put this on my list of things to look at in the coming week.

Thanks. I've come across some other things, so I'll come talk to you about them.

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