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20030328: McIDAS - Solaris/SPARC - NLDNDISP OUT=PLO fails (cont.)

>From: Unidata Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>>Keywords: 200303032128.h23LSwm03782 McIDAS NLDNDISP OUT=LIS

Hi John,

>Thought I would check in on this NLDN OUT=PLO issue.  Is there a fix 
>available at this time?

I have a new version of nldndisp.pgm that works, but is not well
tested.  I am anxious to get an addendum out to the Unidata community,
and am considering including this version in it even though there are
some small, known problems.  The known problem is that the geographic
area included in the OUT=LIST matches the geographic area for a plot
over the same map only if the projection of the map is MERCator.  For
other cases like over satellite images or CONFormal projection maps,
the numbers are usually close, but not exact.  Also, I have not built
in support for PANELs.

I would appreciate it if you would grab this new version; build and
install a new NLDNDISP executable (nldndisp.k); and give me feedback on
your experience.  Here is how to do the build for nldndisp.k:

<login as 'mcidas'>
cd mcidas2002/src               <- if you are running McIDAS-X v2002
                                   since you are still running 7.806, this
                                   would be 'cd mcidas7.8/src'

mv nldndisp.pgm nldndisp.pgm.old

ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
  <user> anonymous
  <pass> address@hidden
  cd pub/mcidas/src
  get nldndisp.pgm               <- ignore other routines in this directory

make nldndisp.k                  <- you will need to change this if you
                                    use gcc/f2c/mcfc or gcc/g77 to build
                                    make nldndisp.k VENDOR=-gcc  <- gcc/f2c/mcfc
                                    make nldndisp.k VENDOR=-g77  <- gcc/g77

rm ~/bin/nldndisp.k
ln nldndisp.k ~/bin

Please let me know tomorrow if can test out the new version of
NLDNDISP.  I need to make a McIDAS-X addendum ASAP.

Thanks in advance...

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