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20030116: Unidata McIDAS Map Files

>From:  Salottolo Greg <address@hidden>
>Organization:  NTSB
>Keywords:  200301161438.h0GEcgx14603 McIDAS MAP

Hi Greg,

Sorry I couldn't get to this last week when it came in.

>Is there any way to get your McIDAS Map files that display lakes, rivers,
>roads, etc? I came across the listing on the Mug McIDAS site --- Modules in
>the MDF.

Absolutely.  I just put all of the MAP OUT* files I add to my
distribution out in the pub/mcidas/data directory of anonymous FTP on
our FTP server, ftp.unidata.ucar.edu.  The list of files is:

OUTCANAL  - US canals
OUTLCNTY  - US counties
OUTRAIL1  - US rail lines - primary
OUTRAIL2  - US rail lines - secondary
OUTRAIL3  - US rail lines - tertiary
OUTSTRD   - State roads
OUTTECTN  - World tectonic plates (for fun)
OUTUSHIW  - US highways
OUTUSINT  - US interstates
OUTUSRIV  - US rivers
OUTWOLAK  - World lakes (large ones only)
OUTWORIV  - World rivers (large ones only)

These files were created from ASCII files available with Unidata GEMPAK.

Are there any other map databases you are looking for?  If there is
a corresponding ASCII database, I can create a McIDAS OUT* file from

>Thanks ...

No worries.

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