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20030120: McIDAS IMGREMAP failure from Perl script (cont.)

>From: "Paul L. Sirvatka" <address@hidden>
>Organization: COD
>Keywords: 200301101430.h0AEU2t18460 McIDAS-XCD REDIRECT


I got a chance to logon to climate this afternoon to poke around and
see if I couldn't figure out the problem you were seeing when trying
to run imgremap.k from a Perl script as the user 'ldm'.

Since I was not exactly sure which Perl script was being run, I wasn't
able to do as much snooping as I would like.  I did, however, make
two changes that might be related to/fix the problem you are seeing:

1) The v2002a version of Unidata McIDAS's IMGREMAP had tracing turned

   -- you can tell McIDAS ADDE commands to tell the data server to
   generate a file whose name is 'trce' when they run; the location of
   trce will depend on the setup of the remote ADDE server if that is
   being used (and it will then either be in ~mcidas/mcidas/data, or in
   ~mcidas/workdata) or if the command is being run on a LOCAL-DATA
   dataset, it will be in the ~/mcidas/data directory of the user
   running the command --

   I found a HUGE 'trce' file in ~mcidas/workdata (396484132 bytes)
   that was the result of this problem.  The IMGREMAP invocations
   you were running as 'mcidas' were writing to that file.  I deleted
   the file to free up room in /home/mcidas.

2) Running the same IMGREMAP invocation as 'ldm' for a LOCAL-DATA
   dataset would have caused 'trce' to be created in ~ldm/mcidas/data.
   Since this directory did not exist, the invocation should fail.  This
   may well have been the cause of the problem you were seeing.

In an attempt to correct the IMGREMAP command problem, I did the following:

1) uploaded new source for IMGREMAP and then built and installed a new
   imgermap.k executable.  This was done in the 'mcidas' account on
   climate.  I see that you have not updated McIDAS on weather yet, so
   you won't see any IMGREMAP problem until you do.

2) created the ~ldm/mcidas/data directory so that 'trce' can
   be created there if/when desired by McIDAS routines run by 'ldm'.

The new IMGREMAP source code, imgremap.pgm, will be included in the
v2002b McIDAS release that I have been trying to get out of the door
for about a month now.

Please let me know if you still see the problem running the Perl script
as 'ldm' that you saw previously.


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