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20030110: another quick question (or so I hope) (cont.)

>From: "Paul L. Sirvatka" <address@hidden>
>Organization: COD
>Keywords: 200301101430.h0AEU2t18460 McIDAS-XCD REDIRECT


re: some of your emails are not making it to us

>Hmmm.. I will resend again. Maybe it is because I had an attachment since
>you are obviously receiving these mails.

I will touch base with our system admin person to see if we even saw
your other email from yesterday; it did not show up in the support
inbox.  This is probably what happened to the email you sent in

re: MDXX files

>OK...I had a brain freeze. I have some MDX files they are
>80, 90 and 100...which I remember now are the julian day endings. So they
>are there in /home/data/mcidas...
>And the decoders are working...so here is the problem which might be
>reltated to the other problem.

MDXX file 80 should be an NLDN lightning one; 90 should be an hourly
summary wind profiler one, and 100 should be a 6-minute wind profiler
one.  None of these are created by XCD decoders.  Instead, they
are created by the ldm-mcidas decoders nldn2md (NLDN data) and proftomd
(wind profiler data), respectively.  My troubleshooting checklist for
the XCD created files still stands.  If you have no other MDXX files,
there is something amiss with your XCD decoding.

>The redirections are correct. Right now I am looking at CACIMBO for the
>data so things are working correctly. But if I switch to local-data as it
>had been working, mcidas returns MD file not found. So that in essence is
>the problem here....


>I will check with you on the other problem a little later.


re: missing email
Try resending your questions from yesterday in one email, and a
notification of their being sent in a short other one.  I will
then look at our sendmail log files to see if we got both or one.


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