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20021105: Setting up LDM for McIDAS-XCD (cont.)

>From: Richard Massa <address@hidden>
>Organization: UC Davis
>Keywords: 200210282019.g9SKJIX04447 McIDAS-XCD mcscour LDM ldmadmin


re: redo of XCD on atm20
>Thanks...  everything else seems to be working normally then?

So far, so good.  Things ran overnight with no hiccups.  I was just on
atm20 and saw that the load average was almost zero, and all XCD data
monitors were running with no errors.  Files are being received by the
LDM and decoded with apparently no problems.  I will look in on atm20
from time to time, but I am hopeful that things are running smoothly.

>I'm sorry about
>the mcscour.sh being wrong...  I could have sworn that I went and changed them
>all to nines...  Perhaps I didn't save or something else came up that diverted
>my attention, either way... pretty stupid of me, I apoligize profusely for
>wasting your time.

No worries.  It is correct now.

>So you think that the dmsyn.k problems we were having were
>directly related to the mcscour.sh not clearing out files correctly?

Yes, I think so.  The difference between your machine and the other one
that _is_ experiencing weird problems is that the other machine is
using gcc 3.2 and its libraries.  I can definitely say that there are
problems with the distribution of gcc 3.2 sent out with Redhat 8.0

>If so, then I hope we're over the last of the hurdles.

Me too!

One last thing.  You will notice that I stopped and restarted the LDM
this morning.  The reason I did this was that it was reporting back
real time statistics using '@' as your host name.  This was caused by
the @HOSTNAME@ in ~ldm/bin/ldmadmin not having been set to the fully
qualified hostname of your machine, atm20.ucdavis.edu.  I made that
change and stopped and restarted your LDM so that the statistics would
be correctly identified.



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