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20021106: GRDDISP request from the MUG meeting (cont.)

>From: Jay Heinzelman <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords:  200210232044.g9NKiTp06870

Hi Jay,

>Thanks for the information.  I'll add your email and close the inquiry.

OK, thanks.

>I wasn't using any of Matt's grids.  I displayed Matt's satellite 
>composites over Antarctica, then just displayed global AVN grids from 
>Noaaport over them.

I never had a problem with the AVN, UK Met, ECMWF global grid display
over Antarctica.  The problem I had was displaying the AMPS 10 km
grids -- that are in Polar Stereographic projection -- over McMurdo.
I could display the grids IF I didn't try to overlay them on top
of an existing display (MAP or image) that was also in Polar Stereographic
projection looking down on the South Pole.

>I will contact Matt to get some of the 10km and 
>30km grids to add to our testing scripts.  Those should be excellent to 
>test with.

I agree that these grids would be excellent for testing projection related

>Thanks for your help.

Sorry to have taken so long to respond.


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