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20021018: writing cgi scripts that run McIDAS for web pages

>From: Sridharareddy Duggireddy <address@hidden>
>Organization: USF
>Keywords: 200210162107.g9GL7S107707 McIDAS FRMSAVE


>Thanks for your reply. I tried those examples. They are working

OK, good.

>But What i need is different. I have to take month and date as
>input from a webpage and display the image corresponding to that month and
>date in the webpage.

I understand.  Even though the information I sent previously is not
exactly what you need, the techniques in the scripts are things that
you will have to be doing:  setting McIDAS environment variables; running
mcenv with options; and stringing together McIDAS commands to produce
the desired output..

>For that i think i need to write perl scripts.

Just for completeness, I must comment that CGI scripts in web pages do
not have to be written in Perl.  Many choose to write Perl scripts, others
write C shell, Bourne shell, or Korn shell scripts.

>Is it possible to do like that?


>can you expalin me how to do that?

Since I am no expert in this area, several days ago I sent off a
request for help to a site that is doing creating dynamic displays in
their web pages.  He told me that he would be able to provide some
information, but not until at least this weekend since he has been
incredibly busy all week.

To take a look Plymouth State has developed, check out:


The page that provides on the fly McIDAS displays in a manner similar to
what I think you have in mind.

Make Your Own ...


If the Plymouth State contact doesn't get back to you this weekend or
Monday, I will try to describe the method for running cgi scripts from
web pages.


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