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20021018: ptdisp doesn't work correctly outside of McIDAS 2002 session

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: NSBF
>Keywords: 200210181929.g9IJT8116885 McIDAS ptdisp

Hi Robert,

>I have discovered that PTDISP does not seem to work correctly in McIDAS v.
>2002 when running in a script (or as a test from the command line)  It works
>fine from a running McIDAS-X session.  Here is a quick example:
>export/home/mcidas% map.k DEF LAT=7 62 LON=25 88 PRO=MERC
>MAP: Completed frame 1
>/export/home/mcidas% ptdisp.k RTPTSRC/SHIPBUOY PARAM=WIND[KTS]
>ptdisp.k: No match.
>/export/home/mcidas% exit

I would say that you need to escape the '[' and ']' characters because
the shell interprets them:


>I know for such a simple one I can just use sfcplot but I make more complex
>ones that need ptdisp.k and did this as a test.  
>No matter which dataset I select (SHIPBUOY or SFCHOURLY) I get the same 
>"no match"..also it happens with any param.  The same thing works fine in
>a McIDAS session and also sfcplot.k works okay in a script or from the
>command line.

With SFCPLOT, you are probably not trying to specify the unit of the
variable.  Let me know if I am wrong on this.

>This is on a Solaris Intel box (Sun compilers) and I also duplicated the
>problem at Universal on Linux gcc/g77 boxes.  I can't test it on a SPARC
>v. 2002 box right now.

This makes me believe that it really is the shell interpreting the brackets.


>From address@hidden Fri Oct 18 14:21:49 2002

re: escape the brackets

>I will try that.  The funny thing is that this worked fine in previous
>versions of McIDAS.

>From address@hidden Fri Oct 18 14:27:51 2002
>Subject: Re: 20021018: ptdisp doesn't work correctly outside of McIDAS 2002 

>That did it..I have no idea why it worked earlier.


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