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20020826: Model grids/Mcidas: no new?

>From: "Corcoran, William T" <address@hidden>
>Organization: SMSU
>Keywords: 200208261305.g7QD5bK06366 McIDAS-XCD ADDE


>Did I miss an announcement?
>We  used Mcidas/GRIDDISP to make displays of the various
>model grids using Unidata's ADDE server.  We have
>not seen an update to the database of grids since
>August 22 or 23.
>What did I do wrong?

Can you tell me the following so I can investigate:

o ADDE dataset(s) (e.g., RTGRIDS/ETA, RGRIDS/AVN, etc.)
o ADDE server
o example GRDDISP invocation

I updated the McIDAS installation on motherlode.ucar.edu last Friday
(August 23), but I thought everything was working correctly since I see
new GRID files on the server (and have seen them all weekend).  Your
experience may, however, mean that something that is not obvious to me
is wrong with the decoding.


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