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20020826: Model grids/Mcidas: no new? (cont.)

>From: "Corcoran, William T" <address@hidden>
>Organization: SMSU
>Keywords: 200208261305.g7QD5bK06366 McIDAS-XCD ADDE

Hi Bill,

re: which ADDE server is having problems decoding GRID files


OK, so at least is wasn't the machine that I upgraded to v2002 on Friday.

>I can't find the e-mail, but I think you asked us to
>switch to that some time ago, maybe when you were
>working on this stuff last spring.

That is correct.  I always ask people to spread their ADDE requests around
the list of cooperating community servers that have the data.  I recommended
papagayo to you since it is a robust system with good networking.  I
still recommend papagayo to you as a primary for the GRID data access,
but it appears like it needs some attention at the moment.

>Everything else is pointed at ADDE.UCAR.EDU

I see that you are accessing adde.ucar.edu quit a bit (I have ADDE logging
turned on all of these machines).  Just for reference, adde.ucar.edu
_is_ motherlode.ucar.edu.  It is justa an easy alias for ADDE users to

I will check into GRID decoding on papagayo (I am logged onto it right
at the moment).  While I am at it, I will upgrade it to v2002.


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