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20020822: McIDAS AREA TANC navigation

>From: Daniel Vietor <address@hidden>
>Organization: Unisys
>Keywords: 200208222222.g7MMMRK06396 McIDAS-X TANC

Hi Dan,

>I'm looking for docs on what the first two parameters are in the TANC 
>navigation.  I know what the 3rd (image res), 4th (true lat) and 5th 
>(proj lon) are.

Here are the meanings of the TANC parameters:

*$                param( 1) = 'TANC'
*$                param( 2) = image line    of pole*10000
*$                param( 3) = image element of pole*10000
*$                param( 4) = km per pixel         *10000
*$                param( 5) = standard latitude    *10000
*$                param( 6) = standard longitude   *10000

A more detailed description of the TANC navigation (which, by the way,
is simply Lambert Conformal Tangent Cone) can be found in:

McIDAS Programmer's Reference Manual
  Chapter 6 - Accessing Data

   o McIDAS Navigation



>From address@hidden Thu Aug 22 17:43:12 2002
>Subject: Re: 20020822: McIDAS AREA TANC navigation

Thanks again...  Hope all is going well.

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