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20020821: McIDAS-XCD on a new RedHat 7.3 Linux box (cont.)

>From: "Fingerhut, William A" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State
>Keywords: 200208191756.g7JHuBK26547 McIDAS-XCD Linux


>Thanks again for helping. We really, really, really appreciate it.

No worries.

>The missing group write permissions was one of the things I 
>found Monday morning. It was an over sight in the installation
>that Steven 'fixed' Monday morning. At least he thinks it is
>fixed. He put the umask 002 in a .login file.

Well, I was about to be perplexed until I realized something.  More

>I just scanned the data directory and noticed that:
>*.RAT files do not have group write permission;
>*.IDX files from yesterday are still present.

Right.  This is a problem.

>I will now go talk to Steven, and ask a few questions, like
>is scouring enabled. 


>My gut feeling is that the *.RAT files might need a change?


>BTW, I always su - ldm; via a vnc session. This is not the problem.

It just dawned on me that the .login file may not be read when one does
an 'su - ldm'.  If this is true, then the umask that would have been in
place when you started the LDM would be different from the 002 that is
recommended.  This would explain the file permissions we are seeing.

Also, while I was on your machine, I added a 'umask 002' to the .cshrc
file of the user 'ldm'.  At this point, an LDM shutdown and restart
should fix the problem for new XCD-created files.  It will not,
however, fix the problem for existing XCD-created files, so their
permissions may need to be changed by hand.

>Off we go, Bill

Talk to you later...


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