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20020814: Trouble Accessing FTP Site via Web

>From: "Tonkin, Martha E." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200208141327.g7EDR9K06634 McIDAS-X v2002

Hi Martha,

>We are trying to download Unidata McidasX 2002 via the
>web interface, and are repeatedly getting the error message
>"Could not log onto FTP server" even after entering TASC's
>username and password, which are accepted.  
>We were able to get on once to download the distribution
>itself, but have had this problem so often that we thought
>it worth reporting to you - immediately after downloading
>the distribution yesterday, for instance, we received the
>error message when trying to download the install
>Any help you can give would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reporting this problem.  Can you tell us what the machine
name and IP address of the machine that you were running your web browser
on?  Also, it would be helpful to know what browser you were using
(e.g., IE 5.x, Netscape 4.x, etc.).  We have seen problems at sites
that are using Internet Explorer (IE), but have not seen the same for
sites using Netscape.

I will work with my systems administrator to see if we can figure out
why you were having sporadic problems.

Again, thanks for reporting the problem.


>From address@hidden Thu Aug 15 07:52:03 2002
>Subject: RE: 20020814: Trouble Accessing FTP Site via Web 


This is a RedHat Linux 7.0 system but with the 2.4 kernel,
using Netscape 4.78.



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