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20020813: McIDAS-X v2002 MAP errors on GMS image IMGCOPYed to SPARC (cont.)

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: Universal Weather
>Keywords: McIDAS-X v2002 Linux GMS IMGCOPY


>I just built McIDAS-X 2002a on a Solaris 8 Intel box using gcc/g77
>,the 2.95 (I believe) version from sunfreeware.com.   The GMS imagery
>works fine on it.

Well, I just tried out doing displays on Sun Solaris SPARC (gcc/g77,
the display worked), Sun Solaris x86 (Sun SC5.0, the display worked),
RedHat 7.1 Linux (gcc/g77, the display failed), and Compaq Tru64
(Compaq compilers, the display caused mcimage to core dump).

Given the results under Tru64, I have a feeling that there is some
problem with McIDAS code.  Since a number of the words in the GMS nav
block are in IBM floating point format, I am betting that something is
being unpacked incorrectly and is causing an array overflow.  It would
then depend on exactly how the routine is linked to see the effect or


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