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20020619: request for BREF24.ET (cont.)

>From: Tom Whittaker <address@hidden>
>Organization: SSEC/CIMSS
>Keywords: 200206181745.g5IHj0605982 McIDAS BREF24.ET


>Thanks Tom...that's what we're using.

OK, super.

>Take a look at our testbed:
>(you'll need to click the red "Next" button on the control panel below
>the image frame, unless someone else is in there already).  After that,
>click the "EYW radar" and the "Composite" overlays on/off.

I tried using this from home, and it was a mistake trying to access
the files over a 24 Kbps dial-up!  One thing I didn't quite get was
how to pan the image.  I clicked in the big red pointer and then held
down the shift key and moved the mouse.  What is supposed to happen?
Am I supposed to be able to load new image sections by moving out
of the existing field of view?

>What I notice is that the EYW radar seems to have a couple of extra
>levels on the low end, than does the composite.  Is this normal?

Well, I have to tell you that your reference to EYW has me thoroughly
confused.  We are not receiving any products over NOAAPORT from a
station whose NEXRAD ID is EYW:

Image file directory listing for:RTNEXRAD/N0R
IMGLIST: There are no images that meet the selection criteria
IMGLIST failed, RC=2

I went to the NOAA page related to NEXRAD stations:


and did a find and could not find the character sequence 'eyw' anywhere.
I found that the McIDAS station database lists EYW as Key West:

 IDN  ID     Station Name         Data Types      ST CO  LAT        LON        
 ---  EYW    Key West                     F       FL US   24:33:13   81:45:13   
 ---  EYW    KEY WEST                          V  FL US   24:33:00   81:46:00   
Number of stations listed: 2

A search for 'Key West' on the NOAA page shows:

Key West    KBYX

Am I missing something or are you simply identifying the Key West NEXRAD
as EYX instead of as BYX?

I then did a comparison between a load over BYX and a full resolution
display of NEXRCOMP/1KN0R-NAT centered over BYX, and the displays were
different, but the difference was most likely due to the 15 minutes
difference in times between the latest NEXRAD Level III product that I
have access to and the latest composite.

Can you be more specific in describing "the EYW radar seems to have a
couple of extra levels on the low end, than does the composite"?
Perhaps the BREF24 enhancement lumps some echos together in color bins
that the BREF enhancement doesn't for the single station display?

>The increased spatial coverage will be great for this experiment.


>As always, I appreciate you help...

No worries.


>From address@hidden Wed Jun 19 14:03:14 2002
>Subject: Re: 20020619: request for BREF24.ET (cont.)


re: loading images for applet over 24 Kbps dial-up

>Ouch!  The problem with them using overlays (and they wanted to!) is
>that all the images get downloaded -- in this case with 5 overlays that
>means 24 images!  Not my ideal.

re: panning the image

>These are not roamable because we fixed the size at 480x640 -- even if
>you zoom (alt+z) you cannot roam in VISITview...yet.  The on-line global
>satellte collaborations are roamable because they are big images and a
>smaller 'portal' window is defined for roaming...

re: where is a NEXRAD with ID EYW

>Sorry about the EYW reference -- I'm from the old school.  The radar is
>indeed KBYX.

re: differences in BYX RTNEXRAD/N0R and NEXRCOMP/1KN0R-NAT displays

>I've attached to images that exemplifiy this:  the first one uses the
>radar from BYX, the second from the composite.  Notice the light showers
>(?) -- perhaps 3 levels of blue -- pointed to by the BRP that appear in
>the BYX radar but not in the composite.

>I thought it might be an enhancement thing?


>From address@hidden Wed Jun 19 20:08:11 2002
>Subject: Re: 20020619: request for BREF24.ET (cont.)

>Hi again, Tom!

>It just occurred to me that Wayne is remapping the composite radar and
>perhaps that is causing some loss of the lower values.  If nothing occurs
>to you, I'll be checking it out in the late morning tomorrow.


>Tom Whittaker
>University of Wisconsin-Madison
>Space Science and Eng. Center
>ph:  608.262.2759

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