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20020619: unable to display NEXRCOMP data in McIDAS (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200206182234.g5IMYN621495 McIDAS-X 7.8 NEXRCOMP ADDE


re: looking in ~ldm/data/nexrad/NEXRCOMP directory

>Ooops. I didn't want them there. I wanted them in /home/data/nexrad. So, I 
>changed my pqact, did a kill -HUP pid of pqact, and now they're going 

Sounds good.

>Right. Now, how do I tell McIDAS I made a mistake and want them to look 
>for the files there?

As per the previous email, the process to create an ADDE dataset is
to create a file you then edit to set site specific "stuff" like the
location and naming of the data files.  I created the file for you
as ~mcidas/data/NIUNEXRC.BAT.  You need to edit the file and change
the directory portion of the data file location(s) to match your
change in pqact.conf.  After making the editing change(s), you need
to rerun the BATCH command to make the changes active:

cd ~mcidas/workdata

>Also, I just have room for the 1 KM imagery only, 
>I think. Can I tell the ADDE server that?

If you stop ingesting/decoding the 2km N1P and 4km NTP composites, you
should tell McIDAS that those datasets no longer exist.  You would do
this in two places:

o comment out the entries in NIUNEXRC.BAT (before running the BATCH
  invocation above) -- remember that a comment in a McIDAS BATCH file
  is a line that begins with REM --

o delete the ADDE definitions that are already in place.  This is done
  by executing one command for each dataset group/descriptor that
  you want to eliminate.  Since you want to eliminate the definitions
  for both the NEXRCOMP/2KN1P-NAT and NEXRCOMP/4KNTP-NAT products, you
  would execute two commands:

cd ~mcidas/workdata

After doing this, and assuming you commented out the definitions of
these dataset groups in NIUNEXRC.BAT, you would go ahead and redefine
the dataset group for the 1 km N0R national composite:

cd ~mcidas/workdata

>> After doing the editing, the final step in setting up the ADDE dataset
>> is to run the BATCH command on the BATCH file you just created:
>> <again, as 'mcidas'>
>> cd ~/workdata
>> batch.k NIUNEXRC.BAT
>I did, and it gave me an error that said it was already looking for it in 
>the directory where I didn't want the images to go.

It gave you an error?  This would mean that your editing of the file had
a problem.

re: data scouring

>I already have that taken care of, so this is cool.


>Thanks. Looks like one more step to go, and we'll launch this rocket! :-)


OK, I jumped onto weather2 and see that you correctly edited
~mcidas/data/NIUNEXRC.BAT.  Excellent!

So, the "error" you referred to above must be that you are still seeing
the definitions for the 2KN1P-NAT and 4KNTP-NAT products.  All you have
to do is run the 'dsserve.k DEL' commands I showed above to delete
those definitions.


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