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20020214: Decode AVN data in McIDAS-XCD

>From: Eirh-Yu Hsie <address@hidden>
>Organization: Aeronomy Laboratory/NOAA/DOC
>Keywords: 200202141802.g1EI2kx04733 McIDAS-XCD AVN


>I need some help to turn on the decoder for AVN model:
>RTGRIDS/AVN              GRID  GRID 5401-5500     Y  Real-Time AVN Grids

The default setup sent with McIDAS-XCD will decode AVN grids as a matter
of course.  In XCD, afte one turns on any grid decoding:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd workdata
decinfo.k SET DMGRID A

one has to turn off decoding of individual grids by modifying
~mcidas/workdata/NOGRIB.CFG.  So, unless you modified this file from
its distribution default, you would be decoding the AVN grids unless
something else was happening like the AVN grib messages are somehow not
getting PIPEd to 'xcd_run HRS' in the LDM's pqact.conf.  

Is it possible that your request line for the HRS data in ~ldm/ldmd.conf
is restricted to not request AVN grib messages?  If yes, then changing
the request to everything request ".*" upstream_host_name" would be all
you would need to do IF your HRS decode action in pqact.conf looks

HRS     ".*"    PIPE
        xcd_run HRS

I can help you troubleshoot this later today if all of the above looks OK.
In the interim, you can always access RTGRIDS/AVN from one of the other
ADDE servers in the community that is hosting the data.  Until the decoding
problem is figured out, I would recommend accessing the RTGRIDS dataset
from papagayo.unl.edu:

DATALOC ADD RTGRIDS papagayo.unl.edu


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