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20020124: McIDAS install at NIU (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200201102312.g0ANCeN20508 McIDAS-X 7.804


re: serving sounding data through the remote ADDE server on Linux

>Try it now on weather. I can't get through to RedHat this afternoon; they 
>are swamped as people try to patch. But I did this morning, and 
>Weather.admin has the latest XFree86 and kernel. Try it now.

I tried, but still no go.  It is getting to look like I will have to
rewrite the McIDAS ADDE sounding server, vpserv.  I really didn't want
to do this, but it will probably easier in the long run than getting
the Linux community to change whatever it is that they changed that
broke things.  Sigh...

re: installing ssh

>No CD's. I'll install it from RedHat when bandwidth goes up again. Then 
>what do I do?

This was in the separate email.

re: setup scouring

>OK. Thanks so much again for your help Tom!!!

No worries.

Now, one last comment.  When I got on weather2 this evening, I noticed that
you had logged on as 'mcidas' and were running a McIDAS session that
was using the Fkey menu.   I am moving away from support of the Fkey menu
in favor of my GUI for McIDAS, MCGUI.

Please try the following:

o EXIT out of the existing McIDAS session
o start a new McIDAS session as follows:

  mcidas config

o if you like, change the size of the frames (your present session is running
  with 17 frames of 480x640 size).  Depending on your monitor size, I
  would recommend something more like 600x800 or even larger

o down towards the bottom, click the MCGUI radiobutton to specify that
  you want the MCGUI (and not the Fkey) to come up automatically on
  McIDAS start

o in the very last set of radiobuttons at the bottom: 

  Save configuration values to defaults file [YES|NO}

  specify that you want these configuration options saved (YES).
  This rewrites ~/.mcidasrc.

o click the START button and a McIDAS session with the MCGUI will start

Now, each time you start McIDAS with a simple:


a session with these settings will be started.  Want to change them?  Just
rerun 'mcidas config'.  Always make sure to specify that you want to
save the configuration values to the defaults file if you want to change
your default session.

That's it...


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