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20020124: McIDAS install at NIU (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200201102312.g0ANCeN20508 McIDAS-X 7.804


>Sorry I haven't been able to respond,

No worries.  I figured you were busy.

>but I see you have McIDAS on my machine, and it looks/works great!

Sounds good.  I have exercised the ADDE remote server from my machine
here at Unidata.  Everything looks good except for the Linux problem
in serving sounding data through the remote ADDE server (known problem
with no workaround yet).

>Thanks for doing this. Also, I see 
>something called openssh as an RPM in my /tmp directory. What's that?

We were going to install SSH for you, so we FTPed the rpm to /tmp.  The
install failed since another package is needed.  Here again is the end of
the last message I sent you:

I copied the necessary RPM to /tmp:


I tried a quick install of ssh, but I got:

error: failed dependencies:
        openssh = 2.9p2-7 is needed by openssh-server-2.9p2-7

so you will have to do the installation yourself from your CDs.

Again, I setup scouring so you would keep 3 days of POINT data (MDXX
files) and one day of GRID data.  You can change the scouring by
modifying the file ~ldm/decoders/mcscour.sh.  The granularity for GRID
and MDXX scouring is one day, so you won't be able to scour more
frequently than that.


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