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20010709: Problems at UPRM (cont.)

>From: Unidata Mcidas Account <address@hidden>
>Organization:  University of Puerto Rico
>Keywords:  200106202036.f5KKab115440 McIDAS LDM pqact


>  Thank you for your help.

You are welcome.

>Machine name is atmos.uprm.edu (

OK.  I logged on and did the following:

<as user 'mcidas'>

o updated McIDAS to the latest addendum version (7.705)

o (after 'ldm' created /var/data/mcidas and made it read/write/executable
  by 'mcidas'):

  o copied ~mcidas/data/SCHEMA to /var/data/mcidas
  o copied ~mcidas/data/SYSKEY.TAB to /var/data/mcidas
  o copied ~mcidas/workdata/ROUTE./SYS to /var/data/mcidas

o defined the string XCDDATA in McIDAS:

  cd ~mcidas/workdata
  te.k XCDDATA \"/var/data/mcidas

o ran XCD decoding setup BATCH files:

  cd ~mcidas/workdata
  batch.k XCD.BAT
  batch.k XCDDEC.BAT

<as user 'ldm'>

o created the directory /var/data/mcidas and changed its read/write
  permissions to allow everyone in 'ldm's group to read/write/execute

o copied the ldm-mcidas decoders from the ~mcidas/ldm-mcidas-7.6.4/bin
  directory to ~ldm/decoders

o edited ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf to:

  o start McIDAS XCD decoding on LDM startup
  o changed data requests to decrease what you were asking for from
    Florida State (pluto.met.fsu.edu); what you were asking for was
    everything that was possible in the IDD, and I don't believe
    that your network connection is good enough to support that volume
    of data.  We can revisit this as soon as everything done so far
    is noted to work correctly.

o edited ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf to:

  o comment out filing action you had
  o add action for decoding Unidata-Wisconsin imagery
  o adde actions for running McIDAS XCD decoders

o edited ~ldm/bin/ldmadin to:

  increase the size of the queue used by the LDM

o stopped the LDM

o deleted the LDM queue:  ldmadmin delqueue

o made the new LDM queue:  ldmadmin mkqueue

o setup McIDAS data file scouring by:

  o copy ~mcidas/workdata/mcscour.sh to ~ldm/decoders
  o add a crontab entry to run ~ldm/decoders/mcscour.sh

o copied ~mcidas/bin/xcd_run to ~ldm/decoders; this is needed since
  this script is used to start XCD routines

o edited ~ldm/decoders: xcd_run, batch.k, mcscour.sh, and uwgrid.sh
  to set PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables

o restarted the LDM

What remains to be done by you as 'root' is:

o change the HOME directory of 'mcadde' to be /home/mcidas
o change the default shell for 'mcadde' to be /bin/false
o remove the password for 'mcadde'

The results of these three things will be an /etc/passwd entry for
'mcadde' of:


The changes will, of course, have to be made by 'root' and reflected in the
shadow password file.  The changes will allow the ADDE remote server to be
used from your machine; everything else needed to do this appears to
be setup correctly.

Also, you will have to contact Dave Knight:


at Suny Albany to inform him of this machines full name:


so he can enable your getting the NLDN lightning data.  Right now,
access is being denied by his LDM machine:

<ldmd.log entry>

Jul 10 05:58:38 atmos striker[17757]: FEEDME(striker.atmos.albany.edu): 7: 
Access denied by remote server 

One last comment.  I see that this machine is running setiathome.  Intersting,
but it is taking up a large fraction of the machine's CPU (even though
its execution is "nice"d:

<output from top>

 5947 root      19  19 16256  15M   780 R N  92.6  6.3  4578m setiathome

I'll worry about setting up your getting the NEXRAD imagery for the
Puerto Rico radar sometime later today.


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