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20010710: Problems at UPRM (cont.)

>From: Unidata Mcidas Account <address@hidden>
>Organization:  University of Puerto Rico
>Keywords:  200106202036.f5KKab115440 McIDAS LDM pqact


>Thank you again for all your help.

You are welcome.

>I skimmed through your email.  I'm
>at home right now, but when I go to work tomorrow I'll read it more
>carefully and let you know when I've finished the things left to be done
>with the root account.

OK.  Please add setting the clock on atmos.uprm.edu.  This morning it is
showing that the date is July 11, and it is July 12.  This is more than
an annoyance, having the proper time will help insure that the LDM runs
correctly (it has to do with how products are requested from the upstream
feed site).  You should probably look through the LDM installation web
pages which recommend running software that will keep the time correct.

>The machine is running setiathome, I guess it's
>taking up that much processor time because the machine's idle most of the
>time.  Should it be turned off?

It is not real important.  I see that it is niced to 19; that should be

>It's not important at all, if it causes
>problems at all I'll shut it down at once.

OK, I just thought it was interesting.

>  Thank you once again for your help.

Again, the things to do as 'root' are:

o set the system clock
o change the HOME directory of the user 'mcadde' to /home/mcidas
o change the login shell of the user 'mcadde' to /bin/false
o get rid of the login password for 'mcadde'

I will be setting your machine up to request the NEXRAD Level III images
for JUA sometime today (I was just looking at doing this actually).
Please let me know if there are other radars that you want to receive.


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