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20010620: McIDAS-X remote ADDE server on Debian Linux

>From: "David B. Bukowski" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  COD
>Keywords:  200106202104.f5KL4N116106


re: need ports 500 and 503 for TCP opened on firewall in order to get data
>give me a few minutes here i'll go see about opening those ports up.

>>From address@hidden Wed Jun 20 17:35:33 2001
>>Subject: Re: 20010620: mcidas install on new machine (cont.) 
>ok firewall opened up on 500 and 503 for ANY source IP right now.  both
>TCP and UDP ports open.  So go for it...

OK, thanks.  I actually jumped on this as soon as I saw it yesterday
(from home).  The bad news is that Debian Linux (your system is running
the 2.4.3 kernel) is exhibiting the same inability to serve sounding
data through the remote ADDE server as are RedHat 6.x and 7.1 systems.
I was _really_ hoping that this would not be the case, but it obviously is.
Bummer!  This either means that there is something seriously broken
in Linux, or that (perhaps) something like a signal has been redefined
in Linux so that it now does not match any other supported OS for
McIDAS (e.g., FreeBSD, Sun Solaris x86, Sun Solaris SPARC, HP HP-UX,

>i noticed all the logs are ending up also in /var/log/syslog

All of which logs?

>u need to be root to read those btw if u dont already know ;)

I understand.

>or at least some mcidas logs are...

Again, which McIDAS logs?

>is there a way for u to redirect the mcidas logs
>to the DEBUG pipe?

Since I am not sure of what logs are being talked about, I can't say.
If you are referring to logging messages that are a result of
invocations by the LDM (e.g., ldm-mcidas decoders), these should be
going the same place as the LDM logging information.

>or does it always goto SYSLOG  cause i have ldm going
>to debug which is in /var/log/debug.

One has to configure syslog.conf correctly so that LDM logging can be
written into ~ldm/logs.

>Well let me know how things

Not good I am _very_ (!) to say.

>I'll be here prolly for another hour... go home earlier tonight if i
>can :)

Thanks for the help.  I don't think it would hurt you to leave the access
to ports 500 and 503 open, but I will leave this up to you.


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